Send Yourself a Message of Love

Sometimes we hit tough times. Sometimes we lose track of our own strength. But it’s still there. No matter how weak or hopeless we may feel, that strength is still within us. We just have to be reminded of it in dark moments.

Next time you find yourself feeling particularly strong, confident and beautiful inside and out, I want you to send a message to yourself. Write, record a video of yourself speaking, take photos, paint a picture… whatever works for you to remind yourself of the beauty in your life and within you. I think that writing a letter to yourself is a very simple way to do this. It is very straightfoward and gets down to the point of this exercise very easily. But be creative!

Mine was an accident. I love the singer Brett Dennen, and I recorded a cover of his song “Don’t Forget” for a friend who was going through a very tough time. Recording this song had the added effect of cheering me up when I’m feeling blue. It’s particularly powerful, because I am singing moving words of encouragement to myself.

It is helpful to hear the following words in any context, but it is absolutely beautiful when my own voice is the one sending the message.

May you dance like rain upon a still lake
You make this world a beautiful place
No more crying, don’t shun your light, keep shining
Wipe your tears from your sweet face


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