What To Do When You Get Off Track

In the past few months, I have eaten more chocolate and fried foods and less vegetables and fruits than I have in a long time. I find myself choosing a lazy day in bed over going out and exercising. And for those of you who know me at all (the “me” that has developed in the past 2-3 years), you know that this is completely out of character.

I have fallen off of the wagon – not just a simple slide but an all-out crash.

The most important question I have for myself is “why?” Obviously there’s some inner issue that’s making me turn towards candy and Facebook instead of exercise. After a good amount of looking inside, I think a major factor is the fact that I feel helplessly out of control in terms of my lifestyle choices in a homestay setting in a foreign country. Now logically, if I feel out of control with my food choices and activity level within the household, you would think I would choose healthier options that fit to my preferences when I’m otu of the house. But instead, I find myself buying Chips Ahoy McFlurries when at the mall studying with friends. I think that I feel so out of control that I might as well go all out since I’m sabotaged anyways.

What a terrible mindset I find myself in! Although I’m at a slight advantage, because at least I recognize where I’m at. Now it’s time to reverse it.

But how?

Well, that’s the hard part. I’m still in that homestay. I’m still away from home. I’m sitll unable to follow the sleep schedule I prefer. There are still aspects that are out of my control. But instead of reacting in self-sabatoge, I’m going to try another approach. It’s time to do what I can when I can to make things right.

For instance, I may not be able to (or be quite as motivated to) Turbo right now due to spacial and social limitations, but there is a park around the corner from my homestay with a 2km running loop. I’ve adjusted, and there’s my cardio. And from now on,when I’m hungry outside of the house, I will pick up a fruit or a veggie instead of chocolate filled mini croissants (don’t judge me!). I may be eating french fries every day at home, but I don’t need to supplement that with further bad decisions.

So what do you do when you fall of track?

You take a step back and reflect on the “why?”

You focus on future decisions rather than beating yourself up for past mistakes.

You stop making excuses.

And you get right back on track again.


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