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I love Tut’s Notes from the Universe¬†for a myriad of reasons. For one, it keeps me groudned by reminding me of the beautiful things in life. It also has wise things to say, ways of looking at the world that I had never contemplated. But what affects me the most about these morning emails is that they almost always apply directly to my life. Since these emails are relatively popular and a large number of people recieve them and connect to them, this to me is a daily reminder of the universality of the human experience.

Now our individual experiences, problems, dreams, worries, interests may be wildly different from the stranger sitting next to you on the bus, but you share one infinitely important thing – you both have experiences, problems, dreams, worries, interests…

And where you connect is the human emotional or philosophical reactions that you have. At some point or another in our lives, we will all experience doubt, fear, pride, loneliness, joy, sadness and all other emotions under the sun. In that, we connect. In that, we are one.

And that, to me, is beautiful.

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